Who We Are!

Since 1993 we've served in "Northern" Brazil as second generation church planting missionaries. In 2018 God moved us to Arlington, TX where God has given me the privilidge of serving as "Executive Mission Director" for the World Baptist Fellowship Missions and we are excited about this new ministry. We work along side Brother Joey Bacon, the Mission Director, and a wonderful staff. Together our desire is to serve those who serve!

Please pray for Isa and I as we are "faith" based and receive no salary.    We depend on your support

The support we have comes from churches and individuals like you! Our heart is and always has been MISSIONS. We are sent out of the: Community Baptist Church of Pensacola, FL where brother Henry Lewis is pastor. We love what we do and will continue until Christ comes again!

Below is my Pastor and his wife - Henry and Clara Lewis 

IBBN - Institute

Now FULLY INDIGINOUS and under the leadership of Pastor Fablo Costa, a graduate from the Institute as well, the Bible Baptist Institute of the North is a tool that has been used of God to help local churches prepare the called of God for the Gospel ministry. Pastor Fablo pastors the Independent Baptist Church of New City 8, and holds a M.A. in Christian Psycology. Isa and I made a decision, when we first began our ministry in Brazil, never to turn our backs on the works God used us to start or to take part in, and we have decided to partner with them financially for as long as the Lord provides. Please pray for the Bible Baptist Institute of the North as they seek to serve local Churches and the Lord in "Northern" Brazil!


 The El Shalom Baptist Camp, started by my father, Missionary Bill Horton and two others, is now FULLY INDIGINOUS and under the directorship of Pastor Juscelino Costa, also a graduate of our Bible Baptist Institute of the North and Pastor of Temple Baptist Church! The camp is a blessing and is a tremendous tool to our local churches. Many children, young people and adults have to come to know the Lord as Savior and decisions made for Christ as well, through this ministry, including my wife Isabel! Isa and I partner with them financially as well, for as long as the Lord provides. Please pray for the El Shalom Baptist Camp as they continue to serve the Lord and local churches.